Laser Engravement

Get your customized furniture with a custom laser engravement, that brands your furniture product. Giving it a fully personalized touch, made just for you.

Custom Designs

We also provide you the option to bring in your own product design and we will produce it for you exactly, as per your requirement. 
Note: For all Custom Design orders please get in touch with one of our agents. In order to get a price quoted for it. Since the resources and depth of design are subject to change.

Customized Furniture

We can customize any product from our catalog in our online stores. within every aspect of its design as per your personal requirements.


We provide the service of upholstering your existing furniture and giving it a brand new look from a wide range of premium fabrics. Ofcourse the choice will be yours

Design Assessment

If you require a guiding hand, we will send one of our trained professionals to your home. Who will assess your space as per the design aspect and guide you as to what can be the best solution to your requirement.

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery all across UAE without  . Western region(Al Dafra to Al Sila) For more information please visit our Delivery section.


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